Cruiser motorcycles are a top pick for new riders thanks to their user-friendly features like low seat heights and comfortable ergonomics. These bikes offer a relaxed ride, making them less intimidating than other sportier models and perfect for enjoying the road. These are the 15 best cruisers that are easy to handle, look good, and suitable for both beginners and pros looking for a laid-back experience.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a no-nonsense choice if you’re itching to hit the road without breaking the bank. This bike combines retro charm with modern performance, sporting a 349cc engine that cranks out about 20 horsepower. It’s not the fastest on the block, but its old-school style and balanced power make it a favorite among riders looking for a straightforward, reliable ride. Don’t plan on setting speed records, but do expect plenty of nods of approval from those who appreciate a classic look.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 takes the vintage vibe of the Classic 350 and styles it up with a bit more flair. It’s powered by the same reliable 349cc engine but wrapped in a package that feels fresh and modern. This bike is about simplicity and style, making it an attractive option for riders who value a good look and an even better price. With fewer mechanical complexities, it’s easier to maintain, and Royal Enfield’s wide range of colors and accessories lets you personalize to your heart’s content.

Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS


Kawasaki’s Eliminator SE ABS is gunning for the top spot in your garage. This bike borrows its 451cc engine from the Kawasaki Ninja, so it packs nearly 50 horsepower under a sleek cruiser frame. Unlike typical cruisers with forward controls, the Eliminator features mid-mounted pegs, offering a more upright and comfortable riding position. It’s a blend of sporty performance and cruiser comfort, perfect for riders who want a bit of zest in their ride without sacrificing the laid-back cruiser feel.

Honda Rebel 300


The Honda Rebel 300 is your gateway to riding. It’s engineered for newcomers, with a user-friendly 286cc engine kicking out about 27 horsepower and 18 lb-ft of torque—perfect for learning the ropes without being overwhelmed. The bike’s standout features include a low seat height and a comfortable riding posture, although if you’re on the taller side, it might feel a bit cramped.

Honda Rebel 500


Upgrade to the Rebel 500 when you’re ready to notch up the power. It’s essentially the Rebel 300’s big brother, sporting a beefier 471cc engine that produces 47 horsepower. It’s not a beast, but it’s enough to handle more than just city cruising. Plus, with a ton of aftermarket parts available, you can customize this bike to make it distinctly yours.

Yamaha V Star 250


The Yamaha V Star 250 is a veteran in the cruiser world, appealing for its simplicity and proven reliability. It’s got a vintage vibe with a low seat height and an air-cooled V-twin engine that’s gentle at 21 horsepower and 15 lb-ft of torque. It’s an easy choice for beginners, especially if you’re watching your wallet. While it’s not the flashiest bike on the block, it’s a solid starter pick.

CF Moto 450 CL-C

CF Moto

CF Moto is stepping up its game, and the 450 CL-C is their latest proof. Building on the buzz created by their 450SS sports bike, they’re now venturing into the cruiser territory. The 450 CL-C is poised to become a standout with its advanced tech and sharp features, setting it apart in the mid-size cruiser market. While it boasts cutting-edge amenities, the long-term resale value of CF Moto bikes remains a topic of hot debate among riders. If you’re willing to bet on a newcomer, the 450 CL-C offers a compelling mix of innovation and style that’s hard to ignore.

Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS


The Kawasaki Vulcan S is not just any cruiser; it’s a powerhouse adapted from the Ninja 650’s 649cc engine, which means it delivers over 60 horsepower of smooth, accessible power. This bike is ideal for riders who’ve got their basics down and are ready to step up their game. What sets the Vulcan S apart is its adjustable Ergo Fit system, which caters to all body types, allowing you to fine-tune the bike’s ergonomics from the seat to the footpegs and handlebars. This means you get a custom fit right out of the showroom, enhancing both comfort and control for any rider.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 captures the essence of a classic cruiser with its unique blend of British elegance and American robustness. Standing a bit taller than its peers with a seat height of just over 29 inches, it may not be the first pick for shorter riders, but its performance specs speak volumes. The 648cc engine pushes out 46 horsepower and 39 lb-ft of torque, providing a ride that’s both spirited and smooth. It offers a throwback to the vibes of the heavier 883 Sportster but with a more manageable frame and weight, making it an excellent value proposition for anyone who loves the retro look but wants modern reliability.

Honda Shadow Phantom


The Honda Shadow Phantom 750 nails the American cruiser look with unmatched reliability. Ideal for riders who’ve gotten their feet wet and are looking for a bit more, this bike delivers a steady 45 horsepower from its V-twin engine. It’s low to the ground, easy to handle, and doubles as a solid commuter during the week and a road trip buddy over the weekend. If you’re looking for a bike that’s as reliable as it is stylish, the Shadow Phantom is a no-brainer.

Yamaha Bolt R-Spec


Talk about outclassing an icon; the Yamaha Bolt R-Spec takes the classic American cruiser style and actually improves on it. With a 942cc air-cooled V-twin, this bike packs enough punch to keep things interesting but not so much that you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention. The Bolt’s smooth handling and superior ride quality make it a standout. Plus, with a vast array of aftermarket parts, you can tweak this ride to perfectly suit your style and needs.

Suzuki Boulevard C50


Suzuki’s Boulevard C50 throws it back with a truly retro vibe, equipped with floorboards for a more relaxed ride and a shaft drive that cuts down on your maintenance schedule. It’s decked out with chrome and sports a comfy low seat. Under the hood, the 805cc V-twin engine churns out just over 50 horsepower, making it a laid-back choice for cruising. Tipping the scales at over 600 lbs, it’s a hefty ride, so it might not be for everyone, but for those who can handle it, the C50 offers a plush, vintage experience.

Honda Rebel 1100 DCT


Yes, an 1,100cc bike might sound like a monster for a beginner, but the Honda Rebel 1100 DCT breaks all stereotypes. It’s engineered to be friendly to riders of all skill levels with adjustable power output and a Dual-Clutch Transmission that simplifies shifting by eliminating the clutch. This feature allows newcomers to focus more on the ride and less on the gears. Weighing in at a surprisingly nimble 512 pounds, it handles beautifully for its size. With customizable ride modes and top-notch braking, this bike is designed not just to start on, but to stick with.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

Indian Motorcycle

The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty strips down to the essentials to offer a pure, muscular riding experience. This model, a slightly scaled-back version of the larger Scout Bobber, sports a 1,000cc engine that packs a serious punch with 78 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque. It’s priced attractively at $8,999, making it the most affordable gateway into the world of American cruisers. While it shares many features with its bigger sibling, the absence of a sixth gear makes higher-speed highway runs a bit noisier. However, for the price, it’s an unbeatable introduction to the premium feel of the Scout line.

Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage / Darkhorse

Indian Motorcycle

The Indian Chief Vintage and Darkhorse are packed with the latest tech to make your ride smooth and powerful. With a Thunder Stroke 111 engine pushing out 119 ft-lbs of torque, you’ll feel the power without sacrificing the silky-smooth ride. They come with heritage-inspired instrument panels that blend old-school cool with modern need-to-knows, and leather everywhere you touch adds to the luxury. Starting at $18,499, the Darkhorse is for those who like their bikes rich in history and strong in performance.


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